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If we believed the seers, prognosticators and pundits before the results were known, the election of Donald Trump as our next president was to have ushered in the end of western civilization as we know it and the collapse of the world’s economy.  Well, these predictions did come true  — for about eight hours.  The stock market rebounded the day after the election and went on to new highs and our government did not collapse.  Frankly, I did not vote for Donald.  However, my brother did.  And, my brother is one of the smartest, funniest and most honorable human beings I know.  We tend to think of the other side of the political spectrum as just plain wrong.  But, my brother isn’t wrong — it’s just simply his turn to be on top.  The market will continue its slow climb out of the “Great Recession”, go on to new highs, and we will all survive.  I hope.

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